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At the pond we care about your project, your idea, your baby. We will work closely to define your aims and objectives; we need to hear what you want. Then we can take your brief and concept and nurture it into something great

Compiling all our research and ideas, the project can now develop. It will gain style, structure and direction

We are in the production​ stage! Your project is now beginning to take shape. It doesnt look like the finished product just yet, but you can see a firm direction and earlier ideas will become visible.

Tina Harrison - Creative Director

Coming from an artistic background, Tina has worked with leading production companies to produce graphics for the advertising and  film industries. 
She approaches each project thinking about it's design and feel and has been a key member of award winning teams creating concept and copy for various projects.

Your project is nearly there, it doesnt look far from a finished product. With a few final tweaks the project will be complete.

We will deliver to you a complete and polished product, we are confident that having spent time on the development and production, the metamorphosis of your project from initial idea to maturity will be a fantastic journey!

Sean Cosgrave - Creative Director

Sean blends his love of acting with a passion for animation to add humour and interest to his work. 
His past experience covers a broad range of genres from slick VFX for the likes of BBC,  Discovery and National Geographic Channels,  to high profile animated series and high energy childrens work for ITV  and various major production companies. Sean's sense of fun is visible in his work and ideas.

The Pond Studio is an award winning creative CG Animation company with a passion for narrative, imagery and visual style.

The Pond's creative team have experience in all areas of 3d and in a range of media. They have worked on projects for the BBC, Discovery Channel, ITV as well as feature films.

​Have a look at our work and if you like what you see, give us a ring or drop us a line!

animation and visual effects studio

studio 3 / no.2 manchester road /  wilmslow / cheshire / sk9 1bg

+44 (0) 1625 400676

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