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Merry Christmas from The Pond  

Merry Christmas from The Pond!

Here's our short Christmas animation!

Based on our christmas cards from last year, we decided to bring our characters to life! From concept & character design through to animation and sound design, the whole animation was completed in house, our little present to you!

The Pond Studio is an award winning creative CG Animation company with a passion for narrative, imagery and visual style.

The Pond's creative team have experience in all areas of 3d and in a range of media. They have worked on projects for the BBC, Discovery Channel, ITV as well as feature films.

​Have a look at our work and if you like what you see, give us a ring or drop us a line!

animation and visual effects studio

studio 3 / no.2 manchester road /  wilmslow / cheshire / sk9 1bg

+44 (0) 1625 400676

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